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Rui Chen

陈 睿   


I am a Research Assistant Professor at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University. I received my Ph.D. degree from Tsinghua University in 2020, advised by Prof. Jing Xu, and my B.E. degree from Tsinghua University in 2014. During 2018-2019, I was a visiting student at the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, University of California, San Diego, advised by Prof. Hao Su

I aim to empower robots to better perceive, understand and interact with the world.  My current research includes 3D computer vision, tactile sensing, and robot learning. Currently, I'm working closely with SU Lab on ManiSkill and SAPIEN.

I am actively looking for motivated PostDoc/PhD/MS/BS students. Please feel free to email me with your resume if you are interested.


  • [Jan. 2023] One paper accepted to ICRA 2023. See you in London!

  • [Jan. 2023] Our paper ``Close the Optical Sensing Domain Gap by Physics-Grounded Active Stereo Sensor Simulation'' is accepted to TRO

  • [Aug. 2022] Code and data of ``Bidirectional Sim-to-Real Transfer for GelSight Tactile Sensors with CycleGAN'' is released: [Github].  

  • [Mar. 2022] One paper accepted to CVPR 2022. One paper accepted to RAL.  

  • [May 2021] Got selected for ``Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program''(博士后创新人才支持计划), 400 persons/year.

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