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Selected Publications


Bidirectional Sim-to-Real Transfer for GelSight Tactile Sensors with CycleGAN. 

Weihang Chen, Yuan Xu, Zhenyang Chen, Peiyu Zeng, Renjun Dang, Rui Chen, Jing Xu.

RAL 2022.[Paper][Code]

Visibility-Aware Point-based Multi-View Stereo Network

Rui Chen, Songfang Han, Jing Xu, Hao Su

TPAMI 2020    [Paper]  [Code]

Point-based Multi-View Stereo Network

Rui Chen*, Songfang Han*, Jing Xu, Hao Su

ICCV 2019 (Oral)    [Paper]  [Webpage]  [Code]  [Video]  [Presentation Video]

S4G: Amodal Single-view Single-Shot SE(3) Grasp Detection in Cluttered Scenes

Yuzhe Qin*, Rui Chen*, Hao Zhu, Meng Song, Jing Xu, Hao Su

CoRL 2019    [Paper]  [Webpage]  [Video]


Accurate Calibration Method for Camera and Projector in Fringe Patterns Measurement System

Rui Chen, Jing Xu, Heping Chen, Jianhua Su, Zonghua Zhang, Ken Chen

Applied Optics    [Paper]

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